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    Can't import video or capture?

      Hi guys,

      I'm new to Premier Pro CS3 and I have a question (My versions says TRYOUT when it starts so I don't know if this makes a difference!)

      I have some footage I shot in Dazzle (in .avi format) yet I can't import it into premiere pro. When I click import it appears in the box like it should, but when I try and play it, all it shows it a black screen and doesn't play the video like it should.

      Any ideas?

      Also, I want to capture directly from my video camera into Pro via my DVC-80 interface. Now, this shows up in control panel but I just can't find the option to capture with it in Premiere pro! Where do I go to tell the program I want to capture from 'DVC-80'?

      Thanks a lot!!!