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    SQLite DB created elsewhere

    flexstone Level 1
      I am having trouble getting a table description from a SQLite 3.4.2 database
      that was originally created on Linux system using PHP-PDO.

      I migrated this DB to an Adobe AIR 1.1 application where I understand the AIR implement is somehow different.
      I am trying to use the basic call to describe the table which otherwise works in other environments.

      select table_name from sqlite_master where type='table' >> throws ERROR 3115.

      Using the build-in methods from AIR to get table schema also fails. (Same method works fine on DB
      created with AIR)

      var schemaResult:SQLSchemaResult = _sqlConnection.getSchemaResult();
      var mytableSchema = schemaResult.tables

      trace(mytableSchema) // = "undefined"

      Any ideas on a workaround ?