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    reinstall Premiere didn't work ?


      i've been using my CS3 creative suite with no trouble for over 5 months (premier, flash, ae, ps, sb...are my primaries). i love adobe.

      However, premier will no longer run.
      when i launch it, by double clicking on the shortcuts or directly on the .exe, the program starts to launch like normal, but brings up the "adobe premier encountered an error..." before the panels load up.

      i tried restarting, then i tried reinstalling premier only (which was impressively smooth feature of the suite)... was really excited cause i thought that would have to fix it, but still doesn't open.

      Premier is the only adobe program not working. it was working flawlessly less than 2 weeks ago.. i'm still using AE, PS, AI, SB, and Flash with no problems.

      i dont know what else to do?
      i've tried re-installing premier, but is the next step to uninstall the entire suite and then re install? would that make a difference? i just dont want to do that to all the programs if its not the solution.

      the system running creative suite is not connected to the internet. even though it was running flawless for me for over 5 months, are there updates that might ensure everything is in order?

      thank you to whomever reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!