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    Big problems and chrashes on PP CS3 MAC

      Hi there,

      i bought PP CS3 to have a olid programm working on mac. some people told me i should by a final cut version but i love adobe products and bought PP CS3.

      I think it was a big fault!

      I have to work with PP every day and i get at least one crash a day! I am on mac and no othter programm crashes at all its just PP!

      One other big point is that i have to import an apple intermediate codec. And this is a big problem. I can´t sava a preset with the following datas:

      - full HD 1920x1080p
      - 30p
      - Komressor: Apple Intermediate Codec

      Every time i try to save this custom preset my hole macbook (macbook pro 2,2 , 4GB Ram, Leopard and updated PP CS3) craches completly. It´s not just PP but my hole operating system. I posted a video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhPF9ETFuWE

      This bug is not only on my macbook pro but on two others also i tried.

      Adobe what can i do? I can´t work any more with this mayor bugs!!!

      Does anyone else have such big problems with PP CS3 on a Mac?

      @Adobe: Can you please contact me or give me contact detail of a german support (i live in munich/bavaria).

      Thanks very much for your help in advance!