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    How to use scale a matte using the Alpha Adjust filter

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      I have a Quicktime video pre-matted white ink splatter on a black background. I want to use it as a wipe through to my next scence using the white ink splat animation to show the next piece of video through it on top of the current video clip and then scale the ink splat up to transition to the next scene.

      So I have my current clip on channel 1, then the clip I want to transition to on channel 2 and the ink splt on channel 3. On channel 2 I use the Set Mat effect and tell it to use Channel 3 as my matte source and use Luminace as the matte type. Then on channel 3, the ink blot clip, I used the Alpha Adjust filter and chose "invert alpha" checkbox and it achives what I want. I can now only see parts of video 2 through the white ink blots. Problem is, if I try and scale the ink blot video on channel 3 the Alpha Adjust filter doesn't let it scale for some reason!

      Is there another way to achieve this effect?