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    MXF clips do not open in CS3 of CS4 (windows vista ultimate)

      I have Sony DXCAM's MXF's which I can not import in Premiere (neither CS3 nor CS4). I did convert the original MXF's using Sony's DXCAM software.
      Adobe claims it supports MXF files. Another editing company which uses CS3 can import XMF's using a Windows XP machine. I work on Vista Ultimate.
      I have an itch that I am missing a vital codec of somekind, but I can not find out why my copies of CS3 and CS4 of Premiere Pro do not allow me to import MXF files. From within the Media browser in CS4 it results in the same disappointing result. It doesn't open.

      When I tried to open one MXF file in CS3 the program crashes and forces me to close it. In CS4 I get an error message after importing which reads; "Unsupported format or damaged file."

      Any help is very much appreciated, as I need to start my editing ASAP>



      System specs short:
      Windows Vista Ultimate
      PC Intel Core2 Duo CPU
      T7800 @ 2.60Ghz
      No Additional codecs installed.

      DXdiag file: http://www.buroklei.nl/upload/JanDiagDOC.zip