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    Exporting Question and Others - Please Help

      I'm new at video editing and any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 w. Windows Xp S.P.2 with 1 gig of Ram.
      I wanted to capture, then export my .avi file and then burn it to a Dvd. I captured a VHS Video though my Sony Dv Camera though Adobe Premiere to the computer. All went well with Capturing. However, the VHS movie is a little over 4 Hrs long which resulted in @ a 76.2 Gig File on my computer. Which is obviously too big to burn to a Dvd.
      My questions are as follows.
      1) Does the Exporting to a Movie file on my computer make the file size larger? and if yes is there a known file size result?
      2) Doesn't the exporting (rendering) add compression? I would think that the output file would be smaller?
      3) How do I know how much VHS tape to capture so it will fit on a Dvd?
      because if you capture and then you render, which file size would you calculate to fit on a Dvd?
      4) How can I make the Dvd file smaller so it will fit on a Dvd?
      5) Should I have just captured enough video to make a Dvd and then do a second capture for the 2nd Dvd, I was looking at those Dvd menus in Premiere and was wondering if I should use them before I export (Render) the .avi file or should I try exporting (rendering) it and then somehow spliting it and inserting the Dvd menus? I'm going to try rendering (exporting) the avi file and see what I can do with the resulting file after.

      T.I.A. for any Help, Much Appreciated. Hope any experienced Users don't think these questions are stupid. I'm just frustrated at not being able to advance in my Project.