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    Importing .MP4

      There seems to be a problem that I encounter when importing video on to Adobe Premiere CS3 since it doesn't allow me import files with .mp4 extensions. Generally I tried most suggestions such as changing the file extension to .mpg. My friend said that Adobe Premiere should support .mp4 originally but it is very 'iffy'. If anyone could post a link to a .mp4 codec that works with adobe premiere or recommend any good video conversion software for a decent price then that would be much appreciated.
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          It depends. MP4 is just a wrapper. The file inside could be in one of
          several different codecs.

          The tool Gspot is invaluable for discovering the secrets of video files.

          If the file is an Xvid or Divx, they are often difficult to use on a
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            Where did you get these .mp4 clips?
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              I am having a similar problem importing .mp4 clips on my Acer Win Vista laptop. When the same clips import fine with no error onto Win Vista HP desktop.

              Here's the scenario - I am the video guy for my church and due to time constraints need to continue projects/transfer projects to work on them at home. The clips were created via a Pinnacle video transfer box onto a 1TB Western Digital external hard drive. the clips import fine into Premier CS3 on the desktop PC at church but will not show up/re-link nor import into Premier CS3 on my laptop.

              My laptop has all the updates 3.2.0 (as I believe the desktop does as well)yet still gives me:
              error unsupported format or damaged file

              Please help... under serious deadline.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                I'd suggest using the Pinnacle to create more editing friendly, camera format clips, rather than .mp4's which were designed for final delivery, not editing.
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                  Thank you for your response however you are negating the facts and not my particular issue:
                  - The imports into Premier Pro CS3 work fine on one computer but not the other
                  - As of update 3.2.0 based off the Sony XDCam Premier imports .mp4 because these are what the XDCam creates.

                  Also this is the only format that this particular Pinnacle (Video Transfer Box) does... it simply digitizes (http://pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Products/Consumer+Products/Home+Video/Studio+Family /Instant+Video+Recorder.htm).

                  Can any one address the issue with Premier Pro CS3 3.2.0 not importing .mp4 files sometimes? Again for me it works on one PC (desktop)and not the other PC (laptop) when accessing the same files.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    >As of update 3.2.0 based off the Sony XDCam Premier imports .mp4

                    That's not entirely true. The problem with MPEG as a source format is that there are many, many variables. It's not one standardized format. That's why some may work, and others not.

                    Further, the Sony format is actually MPEG2 in an .mp4 wrapper. Most .mp4 files will be MPEG4, as yours are. So the addition of Sony support means little in this case.

                    Looking at that Pinnacle device, I'd suggest dropping it and working with something less consumer and more professional.

                    As to why the files work on one machine and not the other, my guess would be it's just the nature of working with unsupported media. Results do vary.
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                      Thank you for adding some clarity for my situation. Being a newbie to this rolling solo and budget and time constraints I guess I am stuck for the moment. The plan was to be able to transfer/digitize without tying up a computer.

                      Adobe really needs to address this for folks using CS3. I don't know if it has been handled in CS4 or not but that upgrade is not an option right now.
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                        Harm Millaard Level 7
                        > The plan was to be able to transfer/digitize without tying up a computer.

                        Care to explain how you thínk you can do that when ingesting?
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                          The PVT allows you to transfer from analog directly to a USB hard drive without a computer. That part works as it should that hard . I then connect that hard drive to a computer to edit using Premier Pro CS3. So users don't have to tie a computer in the conversion.
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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5
                            Is Quicktime properly installed on your home PC?
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                              I just tried importing the same files on my brother's Dell laptop. with Premier Pro CS3 3.0.0. And the project file open with the mp4 linked as it should.

                              It appears that update 3.2.0 may causing the issue in my situation. This is possibly the case in yours as well. I am going to re-install Premier and then add the updates one-by-one up to 3.1.1 being that I don't use an XDCAM I don't need 3.2.0 currently.

                              I will let you know if this works out.
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                                Harm Millaard Level 7
                                I do not understand your workflow. You have XDCAM (digital) material. Why and how do you want to ingest via analog? Why not simply use ClipBrowser to transfer to hard disk via USB?
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                                  Yes it is on the laptop in question. And the footage plays fine in Quicktime.

                                  If you are asking if I have Quicktime Pro installed the answer is no. I do plan on investing in this soon though. I don't know where that fits in the work flow yet but I am sure someone on the web will tell me.
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                                    Harm Millaard,

                                    The Pinnacle Video Transfer box device simply converts analog footage to digital - mp4 format onto an external hard drive. This what I use at my small church assembly as we use an analog camera. This is how my footage gets in the .mp4 (H264) format.

                                    Unfortuanately I am not using an XDCAM. I probably would not be having this issue if I were, LOL.
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                                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                      I think I understand, but to help anyone whose situation is similar please confirm:

                                      There are 3 PCs at issue (Acer laptop, and 2 desktops, 1 HP and 1 Dell), all with CS3 and I think all with Vista. The Acer has 3.2.0, the Dell has 3.0.0, and you thought in the earliest post that the HP is also 3.2.0. What update version is the HP? The Dell and HP import the files; the Acer laptop does not.

                                      What is the error you get when you try to import the file to the Acer?

                                      What version of Quicktime does each have (number and whether pro or not)? (The issue is not just whether it plays in quicktime.)

                                      What format and codec are your files? Use Gspot or similar to confirm. http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

                                      What decoder do you have for that format on each machine. Don't use GSpot or Sherlock for this (they show false errors for some adobe codecs); use DSF but be sure you don't change anything.

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                                        Phil Griffith Level 2
                                        ok, that lost me. The op said he uses the pinnicle device so that he doesn't tie up a computer, but there are 3 computers involved?
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                                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                          I think he is recording live (or later using tape) from an analog camera through the pinnacle device to a USB hard drive.

                                          In the end, what will matter is the format/codec of the file, so I didn't ask. But I'm curious about that detail too!
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                                            Stanley Jones,

                                            In response to your first post to my situation:
                                            I started with two computers and ended with three computers total. Initialy I am dealing with a Compaq(HP) desktop running Vista QuickTime 7.6 and CS3(not sure the version update of Premier) and an Acer Aspire 5520 laptop running Vista, QuickTime 7.6 and Premier CS3 (v. 3.2.0 update).

                                            On the Compaq(HP)desktop Premier CS3 imports the .mp4 file fine from the external hard drive into the project.
                                            The Acer laptop DOES NOT while running Premier Pro CS3 v. 3.2.0

                                            I then tried the same project file on a [...here enters the third computer]Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with Vista, but not QuickTime, and Premier Pro CS3 v. 3.0.0 and the project file opens with the footage linked correctly. As well importing other .mp4 footage from the external hard drive works correctly.

                                            [answering Stanly's second post to my situation]
                                            The footage was taken from DVD-R through the Pinnacle Video Transfer Box (http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Products/Consumer+Products/Home+Video/Studio+Fa mily/Instant+Video+Recorder.htm)to the external hard drive. The only format available through this process (which does not require a computer, check the link to via the product functionality)is H264 (mpeg4).

                                            Since my previous posts I uninstalled Premier on my Acer and then reinstalled it but did not perform the updates. I left Premier CS3 at v. 3.0.0 and tried to open the project file from the external hard drive again and got the same error as before:

                                            unsupported format or damaged file

                                            I have concluded that there must be some hardware issue with the Acer laptop preventing the import. I guess I need to get a new laptop fit for video editing. Being a small church we don't have the budget currently to upgrade our process and equipment (camera, digitizing/transcoding process) just yet.

                                            I hope this clarifies things.
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                                              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                              Curiosity: what produces the DVD-R? A camera, or is the camera feeding a DVR? I now don't understand what analog has to do with it, unless you are playing the DVD-R on a DVD and taking the analog outs to the Pinnacle?

                                              No budget; I hear you. You may have a better workflow even without different equipment. I'd consider ripping the DVD and convert to DV AVI type 2? (I.e. don't use the Pinnacle at all.)
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                                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                                >The footage was taken from DVD-R through the Pinnacle Video Transfer Box

                                                Man, that's just a bad way to do it. Check out VideoHelp.com for some conversion tools and convert the DVD to DV AVI for use in Premiere, like Stanley said.

                                                Or just use something like Movie Edit Pro from Magix. Costs about $50 and can edit the DVD footage directly.