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    Bizarre display problem

    DP_MC Level 1
      I have created a vector animation in AE. It plays back fine within QT player. When importing into CS3 premiere it plays back as if the field render is incorrect displaying a blockiness and colour bleeding. This is using the playback window set at 100% on LCD Samsung 932W screens. If I capture a still it opens in PS without any sign of blockiness. I tested the clip out on another system (but with VGA screens) and it plays back perfectly. So what gives??? My video card checks out OK (as far as its own software doctor will tell.) ASUS EN98000GTX. Latest drivers. I even went as far as to reinstall XP and CS3. No luck.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Yet another unanswerable question without relevant details.
          Look here and supply details as outlined at the bottom.
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            How are you bringing it into Premiere? Render a file and import or
            dynamic link? Have you made sure the Comp settings in AE are the same as
            your project settings in Premiere? If your rendering out of AE and
            importing, what are the settings of your output? Have you pre rendered
            the section of footage on your Premiere timeline to check the output

            This is an example of some of the kinds of details Harm was referring
            to. As this is user to user help, the only way to get decent help is to
            give a brief and as complete as possible explanation what steps you took
            that led up to your problem. Unfortunately, in video work there is
            almost never a simple answer to a simple question.
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              shooternz Level 6
              Check your Project>Video settings.

              Maybe rendering the clip with something like CinePak instead of Uncompressed.
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                DP_MC Level 1
                Sorry for the slow response and lack of info. We have been offline for a few days. FWIW I managed a cure but not necessarily a fix. My machine is a quad core 2.66Ghz with 4Gb memory. The video card is an ASUS 98000GTX. The machine has the 3GB switch on. As mentioned I did reinstall everything with no luck. XP3 and updated drivers et al. In desperation I adjusted the slide for graphics acceleration lower. This did not do anything until the next reboot the following morning suddenly the programme window was clear. This does not make sense to me as I would have thought the ASUS was handling the strain of display. But so far it has been stable. I suppose the next step is to readjust slider to full but then only when job complete.