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    HD capture issues

    Soula-55 Level 1
      I have just acquired a new Sony camcorder, the HDR-HC9 HDV model.
      Using Premiere CS3, on WIndows XP, and the HDV 1080i30 (60i) preset, I have noticed the following issues while capturing:
      a) no preview while capturing ( I can preview on the camera only)
      b) no scene detection possibility (grayed out)
      c) when I pause while capturing, a dialog box appears for saving captured footage (although I already defined all info on clip data area)
      d) although I have not touched it yet, the sequence on the timeline needs to be rendered. Why?

      Are all these "normal" issues or am I doing something wrong? How can I solve this problem.remedy this situation? Will I have the same problem if I upgrade to CS4? (Adobe site search suggests that I consider upgrading)

      Any help and input on this area will be greatly appreciated

      Thanking you in advance
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          CS4 isn't going to change the first two; many people use the freely-available HDVSplit for the second item. The third is the way PPro works, in all versions; just hit OK. To avoid this, check out batch capture in PPro, or otherwise use HDVSplit as above.

          For the last item, my guess would be that there is a mismatch between your source footage and your project preset. Try a different HDV project preset, and see if the result changes.
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            Jim_Simon Level 9
            A, B and C are normal for all versions of Premiere. Not sure why D, though.
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              Soula-55 Level 1
              Thanks guys for your help, I appreciate...
              I will try other presets, although this is the setting on the camera, unless there is some obscure option somewhere that overrides this and I have not seen.

              I checked the camera compatibilities area at the Adobe site. I was unable to find many models there....... it does not make any sense to me... why not? am I missing something?
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                Soula-55 Level 1
                One last question: since I can exchange the recently bought Sony HDR-HC9 HDV Camcorder...

                I checked again Adobe compatibilities, CS3 & CS4 plus camcorder reviews, and I see that the Canon HV30 Camcorder is fully compatible with this software. Does that mean that a - b - c will be eliminated with the canon camcorder? What does really "fully compatible" mean?

                If anybody is using this particular canon camcorder, please give some sign of life.
                Any impressions and/or suggestions are appreciated.

                Thanking you in advance
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                  Colin Brougham Level 6
                  A & B happen with any and every HDV camcorder--that's just the way Premiere works.

                  C happens with any and every kind of tape-based camcorder, DV or HDV--that's just the way Premiere works.

                  "Fully compatible" likely refers to being able to ingest and edit the footage from a particular camcorder without needing to render. I can't give you any particulars on this camcorder (HV30) unfortunately. A Google search would probably turn up some information.
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                    Soula-55 Level 1
                    Thanks Colin for the information and your suggestion, I checked miniDVs, and the Sony & Canon seem to be within the same category.

                    But, it is one thing to read about a product, it is another thing to actually use it.
                    So, if anybody has first hand experience with the canon, please don`t be shy...
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                      Level 1
                      They are the same as far as compatibility goes. Adobe is just horrible about keeping its hardware compatibility lists current.
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                        Soula-55 Level 1
                        Thanks Adam, so I don`t have to worry on this point.....