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    Reduce Crowd Noise

      Can anyone point me to a tutorial on removing crowd noise.

      I recorded my brother;s band at a band and would like to reduce crowd volume.
      I know it's not possible to completely cut it out because it will share the same frequencies, but maybe it can be reduced??
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Use mics with better off-axis rejection next time you shoot? Or better yet, get a board feed and mix it with the camera nat.

          As for what you're already shot, my feeling is that whatever you try will adversely affect the music, which has such a broad bandwidth. If it were just one guy speaking to the crowd, that'd be different. But music...
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            Level 1
            If you have the CS3 suite, perhaps you have Soundboard. You can try the
            noise reduction widgets in there and see if you can get something decent.