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    Dynamics window disappears- is this a bug?

      I assume this is a bug but I have searched and no one else seems to have this problem:

      After adding the stereo "Dynamics" effect to any audio clip in the timeline it cannot be viewed partially, only in it's entirety. What I mean is that because I am using a laptop with a max screensize I do not have the realestate to see all panels (effect, effect controls, timeline, etc) in their entirety- I have to scroll left-right, up-down, sometimes to see all of the options/choices. However, with this effect (only this one so far) if I scroll to the bottom of the effect controls in "custom setup" (under "Effect Controls" panel) it just disappears! I can see the top control settings but if I scroll far enough down to cover up the top ones to see the bottom ones it disappears. The controls are still there as when I scroll back up or enlarge the panel they all appear again.

      If this does not make sense please give me some ideas of what screencapture software I can use to demonstrate this "bug".