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    CS3 Premiere error 0xc0000409 on boot-up no matter how many times I install

      It wasn't easy finding this forum place but anyway I hope you can help me out

      first off I use Windows XP and it is CS3 Premiere Pro I am talking about of the Master Suite, second off I am not English and because my error was displayed in Dutch I have tried to make a translation that was as accurate as I could.

      Well how it started, Premiere was working fine one morning, I have been using it for about a year no errors nothing with any of my products however when I came back from school one day and decided to rip some audio for a school assignment it started crashing on boot up without giving me any indication to why it was doing this, the purple block came up and when it was done windows popped up with the message that the application had to be terminated and that was it..

      So I tried to reinstall and afterwards my After Effects joined in on the fun with the Virtual Function Call and library errors, Premiere had no changes in it at all. So I tried again and then After Effects complained about not being able to unpack the effects and this went on for 5 hours afterwards with every reinstall I would either have the virtual memory plus or the unable to unpack fileformats and effects error..

      I scanned my pc for viruses, zero were found, I tried system restore but that failed because there weren't any changes made to the system and so I called a repair man who took my computer away and took a look at it himself, he installed the master suite again and now After Effects works again however Premiere says this when it starts up

      an exception unknown exception in software (0xc0000409) has occurred in the application on location 0x06ad5389

      the beginning part made me laugh a little and I just tried to use a different setup and tried to trial version however that one as well results with the same error message as labelled above and I fear that every time I install it this will happen..

      So could anyone care tell me wth is going on?
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