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    Zoomed exported footage bigger than widescrren

      pictures and zoomed footage bigger than wide screen when exported

      Steve Evans12 - 01:26pm Jan 29, 2009 Pacific

      Can any one help please,I'm editing in HDV 1080i25 for bluray 16.9. with CS3 and vista home prem, 4 gig ram. My footage is of sharks underwater, I have put a picture of the dive site at the beginning of the timeline to zoom into and blend out via the video effects Scale & opacity. A few shots of my footage has been zoomed into via the video effects Scale. all plays well in the previwe window. once it is exported, file - export - movie, it plays in the media player and all footage that I have zoomed plays bigger than the wide screen then drops back to widescreen when playing unzoomed footage. The picture at the start drops half way down the wide screen view from the top, this was edited to zoom to the top of the picture.

      I have tried scaling and interpret footage with no luck!!!

      Steve Evans