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    Blu-ray Encoding and Authoring Help!!!

    jbandy Level 1
      I have been trying to burn Blu-ray discs for a couple weeks now but have no satisfactory results. I have been shooting in 1280x720p 29.97 in m2t format editing in premiere pro CS3 and exporting to mpeg 2 for Blu-Ray for authoring in Encore CS3. Im using a Matrox Axio LE with Windows XP

      The problem is that all the mpeg 2, Blu-ray video and audio files, that I have encoded from premiere have been different lengths when I bring them into encore. This occurred even when I have tried encoding them separately. Now I have been able to burn a couple Blu-ray discs but the audio starts in sync and slowly drifts out getting worse and worse as the video progresses.

      I was able to get one that looked good and seemed to be synced throughout the video. It was encoded at 23.94. But the audio was still many frames shorter than the audio

      Since we are shooting in 29.976 we are thinking about starting to shoot in 59.94 because that frame rate is a native resolution for Blu-ray at 720P. But I shot some footage today in 59.94 and exported it to mpeg 2 for Blu-ray and got the same issue all over again and I have no idea why. (I tried using both the Matrox encoder and the adobe encoder as well)

      I brought it into a 1280 by 720p 59.94 project and the video and audio were synced on the timeline
      Exported it at 1280x720p at 59.94 quality 5, widescreen, progressive 25mbps
      Exported the audio separately at 48kHz 16 bit stereo PCM
      Imported it into Encore CS3 using Blu-ray setting, NTSC, 1280x720, mpeg 2, audio PCM. Nothing needed to be transcoded and all files were compliant. What am I doing wrong? I cant have video thats out of sync and whats worse is that I have a shoot this week and dont know what frame rate to shoot in. Can anyone help? Does anyone use Encore to burn Blu-rays?