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    Import Sony HDD video/audio problems

      I have tried to import video footage from a Sony Handycam DCR-SR82 hard drive camcorder into Premiere Pro CS3, but it only imports the video...no audio. It works fine if I import it into Premiere Pro 2. Thanks for any help you can provide. OS - Windows Vista. All updates to Premiere CS3 have been installed.
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          Here's the original message I read with the fix:

          There is a fix!!!!!

          If you have Encore CS3 installed...just copy the file ad2ac3dec.dll from the Encore CS3 directory and paste it into the Premier Pro CS3 root directory. This will allo PPcs3 to accept mpeg files with the ac3 extention. If you already have files imported in your projects...you will have to remove those files and re-import them. So far there are no side effects to this process. Have fun all you damn sony camcoder owners.


          It works brilliantly. Unfortunately, once you get that fixed you will find yourself with another problem...random red frames in your projects. We use SR-82s at work and I have a Sony SR-1. Both cameras' mpgs will give you the red frame problem in CS3.

          As a workaround, you can convert your mpgs to avi or re-encode with h.264 codec before importing into CS3. That worked for me.
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            Thanks Sherri. That worked.