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    No Audio Waveform

      I have no audio waveform showing in the timeline. A search on this subject shows that I am not the only one to experience this problem. In at least one case deleting PEK files worked to clear it up. I have deleted all the preview files and PEK files that I could find. I have defragged my hard drives and checked to make sure none are over 80% filled. I have rebooted my computer and restarted Premiere several times.

      Eddie, I followed the troubleshoot guide you pointed to. I am at a loss. It doesn't matter what project I am working on or if I start a new one, there is still no audio waveform. The mixer shows a bounce between -12 and -6 db and there is plenty of sound but no waveform in the time line.

      One more thing. I may have lost it about the time tried to get voice over to work. I was doing a lot of fooling around trying to get a microphone to work inside of Premiere. I am in no way sure but that may have caused somthing or some type of setting to be changed.

      The bad thing is that I cannot remember when the problem first came up. My recolection is that it surfaced once then went away, not sure. At any rate, I ignored it for at least a month because it wasn't hurting me too much. Work was slow. Now it is picking up again and it sure make things easier to have it. Ok, enough rambling.

      I'm using XP with a core 2 duo processor E8500, 3.1 GHz, 3 GB ram, Radeon HD 4850 graphics card. Premiere Pro CS3, 3.2.0 (374) Capture is through the Matrox RT.X2 LE
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Whenever I hear the word Matrox, I get suspicious. Can you try a new project without Matrox or Matrox captured material, just plain DV in an Adobe DV project?
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            Harm, I will try that. Its a good idea but I have to leave in a minute to shoot a hockey game. I did just try a short recapture using the Matrox and it didn't help any.

            I too, am suspicious of the Matrox card and frankly, disapointed in its performance.
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              Ok just did a 15 second clip bypassing the Matrox. No different. No waveform. I have to go now. thanks for the idea.
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                Would a System Restore possibly help?
                I'm not even sure if reinstalling Premiere would help.
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                  Im not sure but I have a similiar problem....when I bring up the audio mixer...select an audio track.....use touch (or for that matter "write)...and the audio output adjuste fine...howewver no change is made on the audio timeline to reflect the changes...

                  Any ideas or direction much appreciate...very frustrating...
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                    Nick, it doesn't sound to me like you have the same problem. You have a sound wave to look at, I do not. I do not know what happened to cause me to lose it. A search of forums shows that others have had the same problem. Some have found solutions and some have not, or at least they did not report back if they did.

                    I contacted Adobe Support and they said my grace period has expired. Therefore, I need to prepay $175 before they will offer any assistance. But, if it is determined to be a bug in the software they will not charge the problem/complaint as a case. They will still keep my money but I will still have 5 times I can use their service. (If I understand them correctly.) On the other hand, if they are unable to figure out what the cause of the problem is they will still my $175 and I am without help. Actually, I am a little confused on their billing because the Bronze plan also says there is a two CPU minimum at $175 per CPU. That adds up to $350 just to answer what should be a simple question. Sound waveform should not just disappear!

                    Ok, enough of that. I'm going to bed. Good luck, Nick.


                    P.S. If I'm wrong on those prices please inform me because I hope I'm wrong.
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      The changes from the automation in Audio Mixer are Track Keyframes, not Clip Keyframes. In your Audio Track, change the View to Track Keyframes, and you will see these.

                      Good luck,

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                        I just imported an mp3 file and the waveform showed up perfectly. I then tried a video clip with sound and the sound waveform failed to show in either the preview or the time line. At least it is a little progress but I could really use some help on this please.
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                          Jeff Bellune Level 5
                          Waveforms are generated from the .pek files that Pr creates when a clip is imported. PEK files are part of the conforming process.

                          How big (in MB) and how long (in minutes) are the files you are importing that have no waveforms? You may just have to wait for conforming to finish. Check the Pr status bar at the bottom of the app window.

                          Additionally, what disk is set up as your scratch disk?
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                            Jeff, the clips that I have tried are as short as only a few seconds. I have also tried much longer clip from different locations but the size did not seem to make any difference. The Scratch files are on the same internal HD as the Project files and all related files. The program files are on my C or system drive. But also, other projects that I have tried had files scattered all over on three different HDs. This problem only came up about 2 weeks ago is now what I think.
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                              Jeff Bellune Level 5
                              Can you think of anything that changed, no matter how insignificant or unrelated? I can't think of anything that should cause this, but if you posted a list of possible changes it might point to a cause.

                              Does this happen in one specific project? In a new project? In all your projects?

                              It's weird, which is why I don't have a good answer yet.

                              Did you check the wiki? Try this wiki page to see if anything applies to you.
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                                Jeff, I went to that page but it was blank. I signed up ok for wiki but I still didn't get anything but a blank page.

                                As for your questions: ALL projects or clips that I attempt fail to show a waveform except for the mp3 file that I imported.

                                Also, I have been trying hard to think of anything that I may have done to my computer to cause a change. I guess one thing I did was to change my scratch disk location. When CS3 was installed and for the first few months the scratch files and many project files were located in the default C drive under documents and settings. Once I discovered that (I'm not real computer savy.) I moved the scratch and projects to another internal HD.

                                Another thing I tried doing was to capture without getting that annoying "stereo" file with each capture and or export. I hafe the Matrox capture card and was told that I would just have to live with that nusance.

                                I'm still racking my brain trying to think of anything that would give me clue. Oh, ya, a couple weeks ago I took my computer into the shop because I wasn't able to play certain Quicktime movies online. I watched him the whole time and all he told me was that I had to "Save Target As" for the ones which wouldn't play. But that was because Internet Explorer and Quicktime did not always like each other (My words.) because I refused to include itunes with the Quicktime.

                                Does that help any??
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                                  Waveforms are generated from the .pek files that Pr creates when a clip is imported. PEK files are part of the conforming process.

                                  It would certainly seem like these PEK files could be the culprit but I was told to delete them to see if that would work because PR would regenerate new ones. I deleted all that I could find but it didn't help at all. It would seem to me that even if some were corrupted that ALL of them wouldn't be, especially because they weren't all on the same HD.
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                                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                    Here's the text from the "blank" page: :)

                                    FAQ:Why is there no wave form on the timeline?
                                    From Adobe Premiere Pro
                                    Jump to: additional navigation, '''ignore''' this search

                                    * Jeff Bellune said:

                                    1. Alt+Click the audio portion of the clip to select just the audio.
                                    2. Go to Clip>Audio Options>Render and Replace.
                                    Premiere will render just the new audio portion that resulted from setting a new IN (or any other edit) and promptly display the waveform.

                                    * Jeff Bellune said:

                                    If you do a copy/paste and the audio waveforms disappear, you can get them back by parking the CTI somewhere over the affected clip in the timeline and doing a match frame operation to load the source clip in the Source Monitor.

                                    * Matthew Pugerude said:

                                    Also check your Scratch Disk I had a bad path and so I fixed it and now no problems.

                                    * Wil Renczes said:

                                    So yeah, in order for nested sequences to display the waveforms, Premiere needs to generate peak audio files from the flattened composite of the audio. For that, it definitely needs to render out the audio of the nested sequence first.

                                    So yes, as you guessed, this is a fallout of the fact that CS3 doesn't force you to automatically render the nested audio anymore, which was a popular complaint. The side effect is that until that render happens, you won't see the waveform of the composited audio.

                                    The only alternative I foresee would require Premiere to support background rendering of the audio, but this requires serious re-plumbing. Background rendering is a popular feature though - if it becomes a supported feature in a future CS version, this fix would become feasible.

                                    * Be sure you can see all of your audio tracks. It is possible the one you're looking for has scrolled out of view.

                                    Anything ring a bell?

                                    So you captured, bypassing the Matrox - but did you open or create a non-Matrox project? If you didn't, that's worth a try.

                                    Also, what, if anything, is different about the .mp3 audio that had a waveform, and the video file audio that didn't? I assume you could play back the .mp3 file and hear it OK?
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                                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                                      Page works for me. (Firefox 3.0.6)
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                                        I have already done the render but I tried it again, rendering both ways, by rendering the vidio with the audio and also alt clicking the audio and rendering just the audio track. Absolutely no change.

                                        The match frame, I do not really understand what that is doing or if I am doing it correctly. I followed the instructions and it did not produce a waveform. It appearred to have matched the Source monitor with the program monitor but there is still no waveform.

                                        The project without using the Matrox is an option I will try in a few hours as I have to leave the house in a few minutes.

                                        Also, the mp3 file which works perfectly just cantains audio and recorded on an mp3 recorder. There is no video. It was sent to me via email.
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                                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                          > I went to that page but it was blank.

                                          Just like the audio waveforms. Hmmm. The game's afoot! (Sorry; couldn't resist.)

                                          Moving the scratch location seems interesting. Are the pek files there? (mp3 and other?)
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                                            Phil Griffith Level 2
                                            also, I don't see what kind of video clips he's using.
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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              I was wondering the same thing. DivX and Xvid AVI's often exhibit this problem, or the inverse, Audio, but no Video. A simple conversion outside of Premiere will usually clear this up. To the OP (or others), G-Spot (www.headbands.com/gspot) will tell you what CODEC's are used to create the files. This is often very important info.

                                              As for the use of MP3 files, it seems that some (usually contain "album art") just will not work, while other MP3's do fine. Something to look at for any MP3's that do not generate a .CFA & .PEK file.

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                                                Video clips are Standard Definition from my VX2000 mini DV tape and captured through the Matrox capture card. As suggested by one, I captured bypassing the capture card and just went straight in to the computer's firewire port and the results were the same.
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                                                  Phil Griffith Level 2
                                                  I have the same camera and never a problem. So I would look into where your pek files are. I believe they are normally at c drive, docs and settings. i didn't think you could move that particular file location. But I am not at my computer, so I cannot say for certain. Maybe someone else can answer that.
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                                                    Phil Griffith Level 2
                                                    if you started a new project, does the problem stay the same?
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                                                      Ok Phil, I will concentrate on the peks some more and "yes" if I start a new project the problem still exists. Even doing files that I have completed before still shows no waveform. I've tried Digital Juice sound, anything I could think of for different sources.

                                                      The one common denominator seems to be .wav files.

                                                      I can take a .wav file (clip) from a project in the Premiere time line and import it into Soundbooth, then convert it to an mp3 or a .wma and then import it back into Premiere and the waveform shows up right a way.

                                                      I suppose that could be a workaround but I would sooner just install PRemiere 6.0 and just do that type of editing in that program. That would be a real pain!
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                                                        Phil Griffith Level 2
                                                        that's weird that it's just wav files.
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                                                          I'm going to send a screen shot but I don't know if that will help any. I noticed that there are pek files being generated by pr but...I'm still trying to figure out how the pek file works in all this.
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                                                            The way it sounds, I should be getting a pek file for every clip on the timeline. That is not the case or at least I cannot find them. I wanted to show a screen shot of the TL with the Preference screen open so you can see where my media and my scratch files are going. Actually, I can just tell you but its not the same as seeing it.

                                                            All the files included in the preference set up are going to the same HD as the Project. It is an internal HD separate from my system drive. When I look in the Media Cashe Files folder, I do not see the pek files that are on my time line. There is one pek but that is the .wma file.

                                                            My conclusion at this pint is that Premiere is not generating peks from a .wav file. So, why not? What would stop it?

                                                            I do not know how to send a screenshot on this forum.
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                                                              Now I am really confused. I just brought in a .wav file from a sound effect that I've had for 10 years. As soon as I placed it on the time line the waveform showed up bright and clear. I just don't get it. This file was located on a different HD so I will look at that some more.
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                                                                That seems to be a dead end too. I imported the sound effect (.wav). It shows a waveform on the timeline. I then exported that portion of the tl them placed it back on the tl. No waveform. I tried several other .wav files from the same HD where the sound effect is stored but none of them show a waveform. Keep in mind that I reinstalled Premiere in the hopes of fixing this problem but that had no apparent effect.
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                                                                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                  > the waveform showed up bright and clear

                                                                  Nothing like unambiguous results! Even if it is only a step along the way.

                                                                  I wrote this before you last post, but it all still seems to apply:

                                                                  Do you see the pek file from that one (the old wav that shows a wave form)? Was the wav you brought in actually an avi or a .wav file? I forget whether you say this above, but have you tested .avi's with pcm as well as .wav files?
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                                                                    I finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    There was a setting in the Matrox area of set up. Both pek and some other box was not checked. I checked them and restarted Premiere and BINGO the waveform is back. I new it had to be a button somewhere but where and what was I missing?

                                                                    I remember now what happened. I was so upset with the Matrox giving me an extra 'stereo' file everytime I exported anything I went in and tried to shut off everything. Well, obviously I shut off too much. Then in my haste to get some projects out I just ignored the fact that I had no waveforms. And then when I really need to see them I didn't remember what I had done.

                                                                    I apologize to all you who were trying to figure this out but I thank you for giving me some of your valuable time. Let me say this, just knnowing that other people care and were try to help was a great boost for me and I thank you all again. It was Tim Kolb who first led me to the .PEK files but it took me three days figure out why they weren't there. Thank you, Tim.

                                                                    After all this typing, I hope it performs as advertised now when I really put it to the test! Maybe now I can get some sleep tonight.

                                                                    Thanks all,

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                                                                      Phil Griffith Level 2
                                                                      glad you got it going.
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                                                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5
                                                                        Chalk up another one for Matrox...

                                                                        Glad to hear you got it sorted.
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                                                                          editted Level 1
                                                                          Phil and Jeff, I definately thank you two for hanging in there with. It may not seem like much but just knowing that some one is trying gave me encouragement. Thanks.
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                                                                            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                            Ted, I rewarded your persistence by adding your "solution" to the Wiki FAQ for this symptom. You can edit it, but your statement said it all:

                                                                            > There was a setting in the Matrox area of set up. Both pek and some other box was not checked. I checked them and restarted Premiere and BINGO the waveform is back.
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                                                                              Thanks Stanley. My persistance was only out of necessity. I don't have $175 to spend to get a question anwered. When I first entered the post I thought it was just a button that got pushed and some one would say, "Yeah, just click on this button and your waveforms will be back." That didn't happen and things became a nightmare. Thanks again.
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                                                                                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                                You reported back all the way through to the end. That doesn't always happen. And the forum benefits.
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                                                                                  JaysonM-Y Level 3

                                                                                  Thanks for that Jeff. My WAV files are doing the same thing.