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    PAL > NTSC conversion and downsizing form HD to standard

      I have a project that I need to send off for 3 competitions in the next week one in Pal, one as a Mpeg NTSC and the third (preferably) as a NTSC .mov file. The project is made up of clips rendered in 3D and others shot in Sony Pal HD. I am rendering as standard size wide screen. The PAL is OK, but the NTSC version MPEG (I havent tired the mov file yet) that I made by nesting the PAL in a NTSC sequence, has unusual cool green colour shifts and flickering in WM or VCL media player that did not appear in my Premiere monitor, which was fine. The flickering is especially noticeable with time ramping (and some layering and keying.)

      Is it possible to covert to NTSC in Premiere cs3, or do I need to send it to a service bureau? Does the downsizing to standard affect it as well?