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    Radical greenish colour shift in media players with video rendred in Premiere

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      All my media has been showing a radical greenish colour shift lately on my computer when played on a media player. The colour is fine on the monitor in Premiere CS3 or Encore. The colour is fine when I author a DVD and play it on a TV DVD player...and in fact, I just tired it on a laptop, and it too is OK.

      The colour is fine in the video Nvidia control panel. Colours are also fine in all other software - besides video media players - such as Photoshop; and as mentioned it it is fine in Premiere and Encore.

      Any ideas why video media would be weirdly coloured ...only on my computer in DVD players (Power DVD and VLC) and media player software, but not on Premiere and Encore? I just reinstalled QuickTime. Could this be the culprit? (Hmmm, I just opened a .mov file and its colours are correct.)

      Thanks in advance.