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    Will not playback audio or video in preview or project monitor

      First off i am running PP CS3 on an Imac with leapord... 4gb ram... 300 gb of free hard drive... 3.06 processor and i am having a problem with playback... i open the project i am wanting to work on and i go to playback in either window(preview or project) and it will play for about 15 secs with no problem with audio or video, and then out of nowhere the audio quits and then if i stop the playback and try to restart it there is now playback at all, only a frozen frame from where the playhead started. For now i have an external monitor i am able to view on with no problem via firewire and it is a decent temporary solution but i will not be able to do this for long... I appreciate any and all help, and if there is any more info needed to solve this problem feel free to let me know

      Thank You