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    Capture Settings Pane

      My shooter in Beijing is shooting HDV then capturing to his Premier edit system to create digital files for me, which get sent to me on a hard drive. I'm on a Final Cut system which doesn't work with MPEG-2 and am trying to find out if he can change his capture settings to provide me with a MOV (Quicktime) file. I imagine it depends on his capture board, but if he's using Firewire, it shouldn't matter, I would guess. Are there Firewire capture options, specifically Quicktime, native or within Premiere? I'm not sure which version of Premiere he has, or what capture card.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          He has no choice in the matter. Either he or you will have to convert the captured files to something you can use.
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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            From a bit of experience (the other way around, capture on FCP or iMovie and trying to convert to a file I can use in PP CS3), and from various posts here, this is not a good workflow. It's not just the .mov, but what codec is in it. If you can't look at other options, "what Jim said."

            That said, the most trouble free options are for him to capture to FCP there, or for him to dupe the tapes and send to you for you to capture. I've never done that, but proper packing might make that as good an option as sending a hard drive.