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    Batch Capture Process Stops

      I upgraded from Premier Pro CS to CS3 several months back and never had very few issues with Batch Capture however I have it all the time with CS3. I use a Canon GL2 video camera and after I define the clip names and length I try and begin a batch capture within a few minutes into capturing the video, the software stops. I can't even hit record and capture a single video clip.
      My device is defined. correctly. The option for Timecode Format is set to Auto Detect. Does that have any effect? The Device Control is DV/HDV Device Control.
      Please help...
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          I don't know that I can help you, but I've had batch capture issues as well. And there seems to be very little posting on the subject in these forums. I use a Canon HV-30 (along with CS3) and batch captures tend to lock up Premiere. However I did notice that during these lock ups, if you unplug the camera from the computer that should free up Premiere from hanging.

          I also have issues with Premiere not 'remembering' the in and out points that I originally set during the batch capture. every time I look at a captured clip, the in and outs are slightly different. this basically means that if I lose my media clip and attempt to re-capture from tape, then in/outs will be wrong and any editing on the timeline will be screwed. Not sure what the fix is on this one.
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            I called Adobe Tech Help and paid $40 for help. My solution was an extremely easy fix and is very annoying. Because there isn't too much on this on the forum, I will spare anyone else dealing with this issue the frustration and a $40 charge for tech help.

            The first thing I did was disable all start up programs except for the Microsoft Services and FLEXnet Licensing Service in the System Configuration Utility.

            Then as instructed went through the following steps 5 (disable device control), 6, 8. Go to link to review:

            After going through steps 5, 6 which didn't help, Number 8 was my fix:

            8. Disconnect other IEEE 1394 devices, and change the IEEE 1394 connection.
            Disconnect all other IEEE 1394 devices from your computer, and then do one or both of the following tasks:

            - Connect the device to a different IEEE 1394 port on your computer.
            - Use a different IEEE 1394 cable.

            This is annoying because the other firewire device I have plugged in is a $1000 Firestudio audio device. So I guess I can't have them both plugged in at the same time. Goofy, but I don't have batch capturing or capturing problems now.