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    WORKFLOW : How to bring project into color corection ?

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I've just finished editing my long feature project on Premiere CS3 with AspectHD v5. Now I would like to do various color and image corrections.

      I've got several questions regarding workflow and transfer issues:

      First, I had to cut my project into 10 different one to allow editing without too much memory crashes. I'd like to recombine those for final export and for sound editing eventually, probably on Premiere CS4 and not on CINEFORM.

      I'd like to be able to be able to switch my project to another platform if need be, so that the colorist won't be stuck to work on my computer (I'm thinking of maybe bringing the film on a DaVinci).

      1. How would I do that, taking in account that I'm on Cineform, and that the other platform will most likely not have Cineform installed ?

      2. Which video format should I use if I need to transcode all the project files for transfer ? What's the industry standard regarding this ?

      3. If I need to transcode the whole project, I was thinking of doing a project copy with all the files in the project in the same repertory, but I forgot the name of that action. Also, how would I convert my Project setting to those of the new codec and reconnect new files (if I recall correctly, this cannot be done)?


      On the more easy side, If I decided to color correct on my computer with ADOBE suite (or a 3rd party software):

      I. Which ADOBE software would be best to do the full color correction ? If not Premiere, can I import a Premiere project into it ? What kind of quality does this software offers versus higher end softwares: like a DaVinci ?

      Does it accepts Cineform? I should I transcode still my footage ?

      I know I do not want to buy the AspectHd to ProspectHD upgrade that Cineform is forcing on us to be able to access CS4 and still use CFHD; they lost me on that.

      Thank you for your interest in my project and of the time your taking to read and answer my numerous questions.


      Frédéric Leclair