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    Trying to re-link files after a PC crash :( I get an error saying audio file has 1 channel original

      The exact error reads:

      "The selected file cannot be linked because it has 1 audio channel(s) and the clip was created with 2 audio channels"

      Now, the project was created with the video file I am linking to, not a different one, the same one, but it absolutely will not let me use the file that it was linked to before, because of this message?

      The file hasn't changed, nothing has changed, (except the drive number, which is why I'm having to re-link it), it just wont work.

      Unfortunately, the clip is a good 10-minutes of the project, which was saved before the crash, but now I'm stuck with a project it looks like I am going to have to re-edit?

      Has anyone seen this and/or got a fix for it?

      Thanks for any help, cheers, Neil.