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    My time line doesnt match my out put to mpg4

      Hi all, Im new to prem pro and as inhouse design guy I want to post an instruction (no sound)to the net. we shot it using a sony HDV camera that was rented, so we only had a day. I captured in Prem CS3 using HDV 1080i (60) My system is a old bucket pentium4 2.40GHz running XP service pack 3 3GiG of ram with a 150gb(ish) H-Disk 7200 IDE, NVDA Quadro FX600 video card. I gess Im answering my own question here, im thinking hardware will be the problem and yes im getting an upgrade. some HP adobe specific thing worth 5000$ NZ. this doesnt fix my problem now though. After editing it up all lovely Ive output it adobe media H.264, Pal, 25fbs field order progressive, aspect square pixels, profile main level 3. there the fun started.
      areas where I had cropped images leaped from 16:9 to 4:3, bugger so i had another go, adobe media H.264, Pal, 29.97fbs field order none, aspect widescreen 16:9, profile baseline level 3.1 (stabbing here) then whoops! now the berfectlt matched edit doesnt match the output, AVI or anything. big chunks of the match action (around the cropped footage) has been ballsed up & doesnt want to go back even with the timeline looking perfect. can any one help me!!???