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    audio track missing when converting VHS to DV

    nothgirl Level 1
      Hrm, I had already composed a message and then the computer decided to throw me out, thanks a lot... Starting all over again.

      Alright, when I first started editing in the early 90' I used a Panasonic VCR. It was kind of cool, since you could dub onto one of the audio channels (left or right, don't remember) with music or voice.
      When I convert this old VHS-tape to DV-tape today, using a combined VHS/DV-player from JVC (which works great), the sound I put there myself is missing. One of the edits seems to be still there, which is kind of odd, since I can't remember I could choose channel to dub. When I capture the DV-tape to the computer I can't here it there either.

      Do you have any suggestions of how I can "restore" the audio at any stage of the conversion/capturing, I would be most grateful... Maybe I need to locate an old VCR with the same functions, but that is hardly worth it to me.