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    scripting language VS programming language

      Dear Sir,
      I cannot understand which is the difference between a scripting language(like actionscript or applescript) and a programming language (like java or C++).
      I know that actionscript 2.0 is similar to javascipt. so it must be a scripting language.
      but actionscipt 3.0 is most simmilar like java or C++.
      so why it is still a scripting language?
      Thank you upfront for your interest.

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          It comes down to whether the code is compiled or interpretted. Scripts are usually interpretted, and executed by the application that reads the script. A "programming language", if you want to call it that, is compiled into an optimized set of instructions for the application or the OS.

          Really, the only major difference between the script and language is what considerations you make regarding the environment on which it's running. Scripts usually take advantage of an object model to handle the interaction with the operating system, where the programmer does not need to be concerned with "how" the code is performing it's task, where as a language like 'C' gives you the control to talk directly to an operating system, and manipulate the hardware (screen, printer, etc.) directly.