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    Avid to Premiere for HD export to tape

      I work in an avid shop, but we recently built a premiere station to use to layback to HDCAM tape. Now, Im having playback problems on the premiere station.

      The first problem is the video plays too fast, without any audio. The audio then kicks in, but is out of sync. Other problems include stuttered playback and just quitting halfway through laying the clip to tape.

      The hardware is pretty new. Its a custom built PC, dual core, 2 GB of RAM and an internal SATA RAID array (2TB). The capture card is an AJA Xena LH, which was recommended on the premiere website. Weve stayed with CS3 because AJA hasnt built a driver for CS4 yet.

      Premiere seems to be communicating fine with the capture card. But we cant seem to figure out which format or codec premiere and AJA want for smooth playback. The choices seem to be either uncompressed, which could be too high of a data rate, or DVCPro HD.

      So far, weve tried several flavors of Quicktime. The only codec that seems to work is the video codec, which is very lossy, It only supports thousands of colors and the banding is very noticeable. On top of that, were using the AJA DVCPro HD project settings, which has a frame size of 1280x1080, rather than the 1920x1080 which we shoot on and master to.

      Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Any suggestions to get the highest quality layback while avoiding playback issues?

      We shoot on a Sony XDCAM EX, import into Avid using the DnX HD codec at 220.