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    Mile High Table and Director 11 Xtras List update

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      Hi all,

      I've made quite a few updates recently to the Director Mile High Table O

      I'm getting closer to the point of having every Xtra or product on that
      page checked and confirmed with the author. Any Xtra that has version
      information has been checked. If anyone notices a broken link, duplicate
      info, or some other error, please let me know.

      The latest updates include:
      * Bunch of Xtras removed - low profile ones that are no longer.
      * DirectXtras - all checked as supporting up to D10. Have asked if they
      will be updated to D11.
      * physicalbits Xtras - support up to D10, no plans to update to D11,
      except for Serial Xtra - supports D11 on Win, D10 on Mac.
      * ODBC supported for D11 on Windows only, up to D10 on Mac.
      * PRegEx - Regular Expression Xtra - updated to D11 (beta version).
      * misc updates to other products.

      Director 11 Xtras List has also been updated


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