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    What are the limitations invoked when using multiple framerates?

      For say im working in a 24p timeline, and i have extra footage that i shot at 48p to do smooth temporal distortions with, and i also have a 120i slow mo shot:

      -Do i have to convert everything to 24p to edit it with, or does that happen automatically upon export (or does it happen if i interpret the footage to be 24p)? I would prefer for everything to keep its native framerate in the timeline so i can do temporal effects.

      -If premiere does convert something like 120i to 24p automatically, how does it go about doing this?

      -Will premiere automatically deinterlace my 120i footage (without my consent)?

      -What would happen if i had a 60i timeline and were using 24p and 120i files with my 60i footage? Would premiere discard half of the 120i fields and somehow match the remaining fields? Would it apply a pulldown to the 24p and then double the resulting fields into 60i?

      Please help me with this, its all so terribly confusing.