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    Need to swop between two different edited projects

      We are busy filming, editing and producing training DVD's for a Nurses training centre. There are a few procedures they do that could be filmed as standard and merely inserted in the appropriate place in a timeline, saving time on filming. The problem is that we are trying to save time on the DVD's to be able to put more procedures per DVD. What I would like to know is if it is possible to have the hand washing procedure project on the DVD and at the appropriate place in the main procedure have it link to the hand washing procedure, plays the hand washing procedure, then links back to the original procedure and continues to play either to the end or to the next place that a hand wash procedure is required. The actual scenario would be as follows :
      Do a few activities, do a handwash, do a few more activities, do a handwash, do a few more activities, until end of procedure.
      If a handwash is 4 minutes long, only having it once on the DVD will save up to 20 minutes per procedure.
      What we do not want is to use up unnecessary space by having to duplicate the handwash procedure a number of times on the same disk and/or in the same timeline.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          This is an Encore question. You should ask over in those forums.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I do not believe that you can do it exactly as you describe, but another workflow would be to create your repeat "modules" as separate Premiere Projects. Then, in your main DVD Project, Import the necessary "modules." These will come in complete within their own Bin structure. You can then just drag what is needed into your main Project. This will not save any space on your DVD, as it would be included as many times as used in your Export. (see below)

            Now, to save space on your DVD, you could do the same thing in Encore, but only have the "Handwash" Timeline once (Exported out of PP in the necessary form). With Playlists, you would insert a Link to the Handwash Timeline (in Project Panel), every place you needed it. This would have it on the DVD once only, but have it play when and where you wished to have it inserted. This is the method that I would use.

            If you go this route, and have any questions, the Adobe Encore forum,
            would be the perfect place to ask those.

            Good luck,