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    More Transitions


      Can you add more transitions to the program and if so where do I get them?

      Other editing programs I've used in the past allowed me to purchase additional transitions.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several 3rd party suppliers. A few:
          Pixelan SpiceMaster
          ProDAD (both the Adorage and Vitascene can be used for Transitions)
          Hollywood FX (you did have to change some file extensions to use these in Premiere, but possibly not any more)

          Probably others too, plus one can create custom Transitions by Keyframing Effects. The limitation is that these are usually original creations and cannot be saved (to my memory) for use in later Projects. One can create and save as presets, but I'm not sure of all of the limitations of this. There are several theads on what can, and cannot be done, on this forum.

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            Level 1
            You DO know that you are only allowed to use the Page Curl transition
            twice in your entire lifetime right? :)

            Hopefully, your wanting more transitions to achieve specific effects.
            Keeping things simple with clean cuts and dissolves will give your
            videos a more professional look.

            That said, Pixielan Spicemaster will give you a whole lot of
            transitions. And even then, you can add a lot of customization to them.
            One of the best uses of Pixielan however is that all of their spices can
            are also usable as PIP and Mattes, which for me is a far better use.
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              Keith Broaddrick
              I've been using After Effects to create some of my own transitions. It's easy of you play with it for a while and get creative.

              The key is to go to COMPOSITION>MAKE MOVIE

              Then you have to be sure to select "Lossless with Alpha" on the output module, and you can create Title-like transitions with transparent backgrounds and export them as .avi files.

              I love it. Although, it WOULD be nice to have a plethera of pre-made transitions if they had lots of customization. One of the things I don't like about the "slide/push" effect with PPro, is that you can not do anything to the edge except add a colered border line to it. I would like to do some blending there at times.

              BTW, why am I having to log in to the forum everytime I want to read a message?

              Have a good one.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                That login thing seems to be the way it is - for now at least. Some had suggested deleting all Adobe cookies and the next login would "take." Didn't work for me, but at least the login lasts for an entire session, regardless of how many Adobe fora one visits.

                Probably more little surprises down the pike, when the fora change.

                And yes, AE is practically a custom Transition factory.


                I finally got my second use out of Page Curl. Guess I can now delete it...

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >You DO know that you are only allowed to use the Page Curl transition
                  twice in your entire lifetime right?

                  Uh, oh.