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    Headers and Footers

    kewal_tech Level 1

      I need help with the RH HTML regarding Headers and Footers.
      I am able to add Headers and Footers in the 1st topic but this does not show in the other topics. ie thru out the project.
      As this info is company logo and copyright I need this info in each and every page of the manual.

      Is there a way to do this?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi kewal_tech and welcome to our community

          Normally you do this as follows:

          1. Right click the Templates pseudo folder and define a new template.
          2. While editing the Template, add your Header and Footer informaton.
          3. Once this is done, click the Topics tab on the lower right.
          4. Click once on any topic. Then press Ctrl+A to select all topics.
          5. Right click the list of selected topics and choose "Properties" from the context menu.
          6. Click the General tab.
          7. Click the drop-down and choose the new Template you created.


          Cheers... Rick
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            kewal_tech Level 1
            Hey thx this worked :)
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              I need some help with RH HTML headers and footers, too. They don't provide all the functionality I need in my printed output, so I want to completely suppress them. I have a MS Word template setup to do what I need. My problem is that I can't get RH to stop outputting them even though I've deleted them from the topic and the template. It appears to be reverting to defaults which override my Word settings. All help greatly appreciated!
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                Welcome to the forum 1CoolAPLer

                As your problem is different, it would have been better to create a new thread.

                There is nothing you can do to stop RH creating the headers and footers in the Word output. You'll have to lift the content into your own template after generating from RH.

                There's a lot more about this on my site in the topic about Printing on the RH menu.

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                  1CoolAPLer Level 1
                  Okay, thanks!