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    ERROR: Can't see timeline and preview

      I just built a new machine, installed Vista 64 and Premiere Pro CS3, but when i drag any video file to the timeline i get the following issue:


      i can't see the timeline because there is some kind of zoom of the timeline itself that hides all the other video segments except the one i am moving. and there is other problem, the preview screen doesn't refresh to where the timer is pointer, it remains the last screen shown.

      i installed the Premiere Pro CS4 Trial hoping the problem were in the CS3 version, but i get the exactly same error

      My computer is a Core 2 Quad with 4GB of ram, running vista ultimate x64 and my graphic card is an Asus EAH3450 (ATI HD3450 series).

      Here is the link of the MSInfo and the DxDiag


      Thanks in advance and sorry 'bout the bad english