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    Converting NTSC SD video for Vimeo

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      Using a quad core AMD with 4 GB RAM and XP sp2. Production Prem CS3
      I have some SD (PAR .9) footage that I want to convert to upload to Vimeo.

      This is supposed to be 640x480 deinterlaced encoded as H.264. I just watched Jeff Bellune's tutorials on changing SD to Film Look and have tried to follow Dan Isaac's excellent thoughts on this
      I was wondering if the same method (similar to DVtoFillm) could be used to create the downsized and deinterlaced footage (.avi) which I could then encode in AME to H.264.
      Being a rookie at any coding, would the scripts have to be rewritten, etc?

      Or would some other way be better ie creating a custom project size in Premiere and resizing the SD footage after importing into the 640x480 project.
      Thanks in advance.
      John Rich