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    opening Premier Pro CS3 shuts down PC!

      i've tried installing 4 times (Adobe Master Collection)

      i've unistalled everything adobe related rebooted then installed. i've uninstialled everything with CS uninstall utility then the windows install cleanup then reboot with no luck. stopped all services and start up's along with full uninstall then rebooted installed and no luck. the only thing i haven't done is reformat the PC which i'd definatley rather not due.

      seems after a clean install i can open the program once. then after trying to open a template or project it will shut down the PC. then from there after every time i initiate Premiere it will shut down the PC about 1/3 of the way through load up.

      ASUS Laptop
      Centrino Duo
      T2500 @ 2.00 GHZ
      2 gig ram
      ATI mobility Radeon 256 X1600

      all other programs such as photoshop, flash, in-design, illustrator all open fine and seem to function fine as well. this installation is a Adobe Master Collection.

      thanks for any help.