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    Capturing footage in intervals

    Webshark2000 Level 1
      Does Premiere Pro have a way to capture a tape in intervals (1 frame every 5 seconds, for instance)?

      I'm asking because I'd like to make a timelapse, but the camera I have will only do .5 seconds (15 frames) as its smallest capture at one moment. I'd really rather capture just one frame every so many seconds, but it won't go lower than 15. So if I set it to .5 seconds recorded every minute, then I just need to tell Premiere Pro to capture 1 frame every 15 frames (if that's possible).

      If not, is there another way I can do it?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I don't believe this is possible with Premiere.
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1
            Perhaps CaptureFlux (freeware for personal use) does what you are looking for:

            "The image by image format. This is a special format where the video is made of images individually grabbed from the video source. In this format when you start to capture, nothing is actually captured until you click on the grab! button, or on the video screen, or type F5 or launch the intervalometer (in the grab panel with displayed with Alt+G) to grab automatically images. Theses frames are assembled in the video file as a DV file (without sound). You have to set the framerate in images per second of this video. It is very useful for all guys who make animation with modeling clay (like Wallace and Gromit), who want to catch a flower blooming or clouds passing in the sky (and of course accelerate it), or transfer image by image from an old Super 8 film to a DV video, like my friend Jean-Claude Grini."