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    Exporting Flash with CS3

      I'm editing some demos for a friend and he requested that I give him flash files for his website. Now, I know nothing about flash. Every time I've tried to do this the quality is very poor. I'd like to be able to export my 4 minute video which has a lot of magic bullet looks on it and still have really good quality since it's going on his website. I've tried looking up the answer on the web but haven't had any luck...
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Start with the 512K preset and go from there. Its really a trial and
          error procedure to balance size and quality. CS3 uses the On2 Flix
          product but only allows for a one pass encode. Their Pro product is $250
          and that allows 2 pass encoding. Likely not something you wish to take
          the plunge on unless you do a lot of flash video.
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            bojesen Level 1
            You might try to export to H264, 1000k, and enclose it in a player like http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/

            For quality watch result on http://www.tv-moen.dk/indslag/jagt-ulvshale.shtml where you may also evaluate download times - although you are unlikely to understand the language.