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    Where can I find native highspeed test footage?

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      I need to test my pipeline in advance to know what my camera specs need to be, but to do that i need to get a hold of some native highspeed (120p) footage, meaning it has not been slowed down or exported into a playback format of 24 or 30fps. Anyone know of of a site that offers highspeed test footage?
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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Do you know what specific kind of footage you are looking for? My limited understanding of some highspeed cameras is that they basically store the frames from a burst. Then the frames are stored/exported. But "native" is not the main issue: you import all the frames into PPro and interpret/set frame rate or speed to what your application calls for. PPro desktop editing mode max frame rate appears to be 60fps.

          Or are you looking for footage from a videocamera that will shoot and record in a higher rate.