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    No Audio after Relinking mxf Media Files - Premiere Pro CS3

    Susan Clark 123
      Product: Premiere Pro CS3 - Version 3.2.0
      Hardware: Pentium 4; 3 GHz; 1GB RAM
      Hard Drives: Using 2 external 1TB Hard Drives for my film's storage and access
      Clips: High Def mxf files
      User Experience Level: Novice

      Whenever I unplug one or both of my external hard drives - or - forget to turn them on before entering Premiere, I am required to relink my clips. After relinking, and upon entering my Project, I click "Play" in the Timeline Window to begin editing for the day - to realize: "the Audio Is Silent."

      To experiment on how I can get the audio to work:
      1)I've clicked on an individual mxf clip file in the Project Window
      2)Clicked Media Offline in the Project menu drop down list
      3)Copied and pasted the Offline Media mxf clip file to a new folder in the same project
      4)Clicked on the Offline Media mxf clip file in the new folder
      5)Clicked on Link Media in the Project menu
      6)Dragged the Linked File into a new sequence
      7)Clicked Play and Still No Audio
      8)Additionally tried to play the clip in the Source Monitor, Still no Audio

      A friend suggested something about offline editing - copying the file somewhere else and relinking but I'm not sure of the process now apart from what I enumerated above.

      Would any of you Premiere Pro geniuses be willing to help a wannabe Premiere Pro user? I'm not giving up and appreciate any advice you could give me! Thanks in advance for your help!
      Sincerely, susan