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    no more audio peaks?

    nothgirl Level 1
      I'm using Premiere CS3, and I just found out by mistake that Premiere no longer have issues with audio peaking? In an earlier version you would hear a distortion when audio levels "went to red" playing it in Media Player, but no more. Could it be that Premiere has fixed this "problem" or is it maybe within media player.
      I have used the audio plug-in "Classic Master Limiter" (can't remember the company behind it right now) to ensure the quality of the sound (without having to watch the whole film through to look for peaks!), but is it no longer needed now? Have you folks heard anything about this (positive) development?
      I'm just worried I'll believe everything's ok, delete the source material, and latter found out that the audio - after all - was bad in some players.

      Thanks for any information you might have on the subject!
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          I find no difference between 2.0 and CS3's handling of audio peeks. I do not get any distortion as it briefly goes into the red.

          As a matter of work flow, you should always watch anything you make on a properly calibrated TV/sound system of the best quality you can afford, preferably at least as good or better than what your clients might be using, to check for problems. Never delete something and "trust" it is OK, no matter how good the software.