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    Green Screen Key or Chroma Key ?

    lanstrad Level 1
      In the book 'Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Bible' I am reading about 'Green screen Key' - while I do not find it in the program (I see Blue Screen Key and Chroma Key). Does it exists in CS3 ?

      I have used Chroma Key and selected a color close to my green background, and the result is *almost* satisfying (for a first trial...) - Some artefacts (such as personnages edges that are a bit shaky) could probably be tweaked.

      I wonder if I choosed the right effect (Chroma Key) or if I should have gone for 'non-red' (or if in any would I would have missed the *real* Green Screen Key effect, or it would not install by default like this happen in some programs ???...)

      Thanks for any answers or insights about this matter.