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    Which HD Camcorder works best? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      Would like input regarding the purchase of a new video camera. Currently running a Macintosh, 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor w/ 10 GB memory. I use CS3 Premiere Pro for video editing. Most of the video I take is of sports - drills, running bases, fielding, batting, and a personal info clip. Output is to DVD for playback on computer or DVD player.

      Have been using an older Sony MiniDV for filming, but alas, it was stolen last week. So I need to replace it.

      QUESTION: What high definition camcorder works best for importing and editing with CS3 Premiere Pro?

      Would like to keep the price under $1,000. Can move up to CS4 if necessary, but really didn't want to make that change right now. Any thoughts you could provide on a new video camera would be greatly appreciated.