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    Problem exporting project to WMV movie format

      When I try to export my CS3 Premiere Pro projects - through Adobe Media Encoder - to the wmv-format the result is corrupt at least 9 out of 10 times.

      When trying the first rendering pass seems to work fine and the second works fine untill it is allmost finished. In the very end I get a 'yellow triangel with an exclamation mark' error in the right corner of the Windows procesline. When I click on it, it disapears.

      The file created is corrupt and will not play in Windows Media player. And the problems is not known according to Microsoft (clicking on the error message in Windows Media Player).

      The strange thing is, that the process has worked perfect a few times but failed many more times. I have tried with several projects from very simple to more complex. And I have done it working on my Thinkpad T61 and a stationary Compaq pc. Same negative result.

      Trying to export to FLV-format seems to work perfect, but I cannot verify this because I do not have Flash Player on my pc's (and cannot install since they are locked business pc's).

      The input video comes from a Canon XH A1 camcorder.

      What can possibly be wrong?

      Best regards
      Henrik Trojaborg