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    Editing Long "title" clips

    llaferte Level 1
      I'm having trouble editing titles in the PP timeline.

      Here is what I'm trying to do:
      I have long titles that contain several bullet points. I have been creating the title with all bullet points (rather than creating several copies of a title, adding bullets one at a time). I then control when the bullets are "revealed" using the Video Effects | Transform | Crop tool - placing crop points on the timeline in the Effect Controls. Once I have all the bullet/crop points set based on the narrator audio track - for the 8 - 10 mins the topic is being discussed. Now, after a bullet is revealed and that topic is being discussed by the narrator, I have been able to cut the title to reveal the on-camera narrator (in a lower level video) for a few moments until they are ready to move on to the next bullet.

      This is causing PP to crash - displaying runtime error, or a low memory error. Am I doing something I should not be doing?

      This has worked before, but I have never had to use this technique with so many cuts and for such long titles. Any help/direction would be appreciated.