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    HDV capture problems - mpeg vs m2t...

    vh2 Level 1
      I have an HDV camera (Canon HV30), and when I shoot 30p and capture HDV with Premiere (Cs3), it makes .mpeg files that are impossible to work with. They appear and I can work with them on the Premiere timeline, but will not work in AE (CS3). When I import them into AE, the clips can't be viewed - they just show that generic image with the words on it that I see when I am capturing HDV in Premiere. And when I click on the actual file (the .mpeg file) in the folder where it resides, it crashes that folder (closes it) and all the icons on my desktop disappear for a few seconds. But when I capture with HDVSplit (I am SO happy this free little utility exists!!!), it creates .m2t files and they are great to work with.

      Any idea why this problem exists? Is it indicative of some worse problem?