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    How to Unrender?

    sneedbreedley Level 1
      In Premiere 6.5, to unrender a clip, I would simply paste a short clip into the track above it and then remove that clip and the underlying clip would be unrendered. But Premiere Pro CS3 "remembers" the render. How do I unrender an individual clip now?
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Why? You can delete render files, but that applies to all rendered clips.
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            sneedbreedley Level 1
            That is why I clearly specified "an individual clip".
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Still leaves the question WHY? Find the rendered preview clip with Explorer and remove that file. Did you know that workflows in the last century differ from the workflows today?
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                Level 1
                When you render a project, the footage on the timeline is not replaced
                with the new rendered footage. It stays the same as it was when you
                originally put it there. In this regard, the process is non destructive,
                of the source material allowing you a wide degree of experimentation.

                (I'm just taking a guess that you may perhaps have taken a left turn
                somewhere in how your understanding of the process works.)
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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  I'm curious myself why this would need to be done.
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                    sneedbreedley Level 1
                    The clip in question was rendered at my editor's house on his computer. Some of the video played back poorly as if there was some curruption of the files. I need to unrender them to see if they were currupted during the rendering process.
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                      shooternz Level 6
                      The original source clip should not have any rendering on it.

                      Try using that but maybe your issue is that you actually need to render (if you have imported his project for example)
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                        sneedbreedley Level 1
                        The original source clip is 18 minutes long. The clip on the timeline is 25 seconds. Does anyone know how to unrender a clip on the timeline?
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          # 3 spelled it out for you.
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                            sneedbreedley Level 1
                            How do you find the rendered preview clip with Explorer? All the rendered files have long alphanumeric names.
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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              If it is that important to you (and I still do not understand WHY you want to do that) you have to figure out the naming convention and creation timestamps that Adobe attaches to those files. Good luck in figuring it out.
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                                shooternz Level 6
                                And what is the problem with finding the section of the source clip that is used in the the timeline and re inserting it?

                                Premiere is "non destructive" and the original will not have any "rendering/corruption".

                                BTW: Are these P2 files?

                                You could - Make a duplicate Project ; Sequence>Delete Render files (all of them) and see if that fixes your issue with the clips in question. Work out a solution from there.
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                                  sneedbreedley Level 1
                                  Once again, I can easily delete ALL the rendered scenes. How can I unrender one clip?
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                                    shooternz Level 6
                                    We hear you, we have told you (it aint possible) but you aint listening and I suspect you havent told us everything anyway.

                                    You have been given work arounds.
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                                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                      Sneed, reconsider Craig's option at #7. Select the clip in the source monitor, record the in/out points, select the clip in the timeline and do replace with the original; the open from timeline in the source monitor; change the in/out points. The replace has removed the render.

                                      If you want to pursue Harm's workaround, here's a method.

                                      Look at the folder with the rendered files. Do the date/time narrow down which one you want?

                                      Use file size to narrow it down further. What "render" do you want to undo? Remember that PPro may have used an odd section to render. Almost any event on the line (begin end transition, audio cut, video cut, etc) will create separate render files. What is the exact length of the section? For DV, multiply by 117 and see if you have a render file that length. If you are using something other than DV, you'll have to calculate what you want. (Render files are video only, and the size seems odd to me.)

                                      You can play the render files in WMP or whatever, so that can give you final confirmation. You may also have multiple renders of that section.
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                                        Jim_Simon Level 9
                                        I still don't really understand why one would want to do this.
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                                          Level 1
                                          I think what Mr. Breedley may be saying is that he received a clip that
                                          was prepared by someone else on a different machine, and he is trying to
                                          work with that clip. I am not clear on whether he has access to the
                                          original source material.

                                          Here is what it comes down to. Rendering creates a distribution file.
                                          Unless it was done using a lossless formats, there will be a good deal
                                          of compression. It is not possible to recover the data that was
                                          discarded when the first render did its magic. The most generic
                                          description is to picture pages were ripped out of the flip book and
                                          thrown away.

                                          If the original source material was 18 Min long, but you have only a 25
                                          Sec long clip, clearly the prior editor cut the clip down and rendered
                                          out only 25 sec worth, and that clip has no knowledge of that other
                                          17Min and 35sec having ever existed.

                                          It will always come back to the original source material. Without that,
                                          nothing can be changed.
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                                            Phil Griffith Level 2
                                            so what's wrong with deleting render files and let it rebuild?
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                                              Bad Habit Pictures Level 1
                                              After reading all of this I think Sneer Broadly is confusing "Rendered" clip with "Exported" clip. In which case he's S.O.L.

                                              It's kind of hard to be helpful to someone who is so abrasive, seems to lack the necessary terminology required to describe the issue at hand, and apparently feels the details needed to solve his issues are some kind of state secret.

                                              My 2 cents, I'm gone now.
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                                                Before rendering, the cross dissolves work OK, after I render I am getting a flickering in the dissolve. This is also true with most of the other transitions... Any answers why this is happening?

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                                                  When editing footage for DVD's I've found that I need to leave my footage unrendered. If I render it the final video is all blurry. Although if I rendered my footage by accident then I would delete all of the render files, not just one clip.


                                                  As for sneed I'm wondering if he thinks his editor wrecked is footage somehow and he's trying to prove it. He might be finding out that his "poor quality" output video is due to "poor quality" video that was provided to the editor. Just a complete guess though.