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    Delay while capturing footage ???

      I will try and do my best to explain my problem. I will start by saying that I did not have this issue last month and am using the same settings. While capturing video they computer or Premiere boggs down. By that I mean there is a delay when you do any function, start, stop, fill in the clip name.. It also acts like each clip in the timeline has to be reposted to the project. Meaning you can see the information being filled in, in each of the clips in the time line.

      No frames get dropped and when the camera is unplugged or turned off there is no delay while editing. It is annoying waiting two mins after capturing each clip, to logs its name and capture the next clip. Sorry for the poor explination hope somone can figure out my ramblings and help.

      XP Pro, Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz, Nvidia 8600 GTS. CS3, Sony HDR FX 7.

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Wow not even a most likely Operator Error or try the help menu.....
          I have read several related posts and tried several poss solutions to no avail. It is to the point that it is really slowing down my work.

          Everything seems to work fine, until I stop the capture of a clip. As soon as I hit the stop button I am frozen for as long as it takes for the computer to re-post all the information to each clip in the time line (for lack of a better explaination.) It starts with the very first video clip and works its way thru each additional video clip and than the same for the audio. Can wait two to three mins before I can log the clip and move to the next one. I did not have this issue when I started this problem and captured the first half of my project. No settings were changed.

          Any thoughts ? ? ?

          I will even take an most likely operator error... Gives me a place to start.
          Thanks again. Dominic
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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            I'll bite: It's probably OE. Ha, ha. Just kidding. I like your sense of humor.

            I'd look at system performance issues, which means it could be anything. If you want to pursue that, look at the troubleshooting options in the wikia. (Links at the top level of the premiere forums). also, look at the links that describe the information to provide here.

            The relationship to the camera being hooked up is suspicious. Is this the symptom some users report when a USB drive is also hooked up? Is there anything else on the firewire? (I'm assuming a firewire capture connection.)

            Think hard again; what changed since this was working okay.

            Temporary workaround; If this is the only problem, consider longer captures and then split them up in the project.
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              Stanley, thank you for your response.

              I followed all of the "TechNote" Optimize XP for Premiere Pro CS3, that I feel comfortable doing. Most were done prior to my little issue. Computer is well maintained. defraged and cleaned.

              Yes camera is connected via add on 1394 card. On board 1394 disabled (issues with IRQ's) No changes to the computer I was away from home during my break.

              The camera was used while I was away. However all footage shot in HDV 16:9, the project I am working on is in DV. The Sony iLink does the down conversion. Camera settings also verified.

              Using you temp work around while I continue to scratch my head..
              Thanks again
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                Forgot about the USB. Only two USB devices plugged, neither are new. Printer and wireless keyboard. The only thing that is new and I cant imagine it would cause issues, is a new comcast modem. My conversations will be different now with digital voice..... I will unplug it just for for the sake of being trying.