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    Concealing or Altering Identity in Video Clip

    llaferte Level 1
      I have a series of video clips each is 20-30min long. The clips were filmed in elementary classroom for the University of Michigans School of Education. We are using these clips to study and demonstrate good teaching practices.

      For a number of reasons (mostly experimental) we hope to alter the look of the teachers, students and classrooms in some of the videos. The PhD is interested in how teachers/learners respond to different video "looks". I know how to make a B/W copy, and to de-saturate the color (or super saturate), add a slight blur. What I dont know how to do (if its even possible?) is apply some effect that would produce an almost cartoonish look to a copy of some of these clips.

      We will have too many to economically work through a frame-by-frame process - like rotoscoping with Photoshop. Can anyone suggest any thing that might work here? We need to be able to discern that we have teachers, students and books etc but we dont need a realistic level of details. Any thoughts would be appreciated.