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    Reference Monitor Stopped Working

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      While working on a project I had to use "Interpret footage" to change the frame rate and pixel aspect ratio on a clip. After making the change, my reference monitor stopped working correctly.

      Prior to making the above frame rate change, I was using the reference monitor for a waveform analysis which would play smoothly on both the Program and Reference monitors. Once I made the clip change, I lost the ability for the reference monitor to play smoothly-- it only holds an image of a single frame. In order to see the clip play I have to hold down the right arrow button. The program monitor works fine. And yes, it is set to gang.

      The interpret footage command screwed something up. Any ideas?

      I'm using Premiere CS2 with XP Pro Service Pack 3. NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 card, AMD Dual Opteron 254 processors on a Tyan Thunder mobo.